Today is the first day of school and my son couldn’t been more excited!He is at the oldest grade at the kinder-garden and that gives him whole new level of confidence!I love to see him so thrilled to go to school!I just hope he keeps it that way when he is a teenager(fingers crossed).

In this post i will pay attention to us moms and our back to school edition.Ofcourse,in one of my next posts i will write about kids back to school fashion and i can’t wait!


I always loved cool moms that love to dress edgy.My back to school look is elegant with a hint of edginess i would say.I am obsessing over black and white combo!Even though you thinks it’s safe-it is always so chic!

Black and white can’t be boring!It’s almost always a right choice when it comes to fashion.On this look i styled my “LANVIN”pants with sneakers “Y3” by Yamamoto.I love to style good pair of pants with sneakers.

What i love the most about this look is this leather black and white backpack.If you want to have more info on my today’s outfit brands please go on my instagram!



Leather black and white backpack,casual,very useful but yet so stylish.

You can add a visor hat to this look if it isn’t your “best hair day”!