How did i have calm my crying baby?

I ve been there , i feel you!

It is really frustrating when you are a new mommy having all these things on your mind , plus you are not having much sleep at all – and the worst of all- your baby can not stop crying . You feel desperate , anxious – but let me ease it up to you, a bit- i will tell you few things that eventually helped me .

Babies with colics are crying a lot,their faces get red, they are having pain and crumps in their stomach , so you could look up your diet if you are breastfeeding- since everything that we eat- goes directly in their tinny tummies

1st tip- Take him in your arms and walk as much as you can , rocking him. I made very long walks cause it was really difficult to calm him. This may help. And when you get exhausted -Look at the bright side – You are burning calories.( lol)

2nd tip- Put “ White sounds” on Youtube . That really helped me! Try it on! Put your ipad in his room and play white sounds – this calms them. Thanks God for the technology!

3rd – Have a ride with a car. Many parents do that

4th swaddle your baby!

Roll your little one like this

I think it is cause they can not move so much while swaddled like this- helps them get calm and sleep!

  • P.s- Hoover sound does help too!

Good Luck ladies , and don’ t worry, soon it will be all over …