It’s the end of October and even if in sunny Athens still feels like summer-we all love to change our house decor in our homes when Halloween period approaches.

Everything about Halloween is so interesting for the kids and it ‘s our job as “good mommies’ to make this period special for them!

Not only that my son is going crazy about sweets,masks and scary stories-I am also the one who is going NUTS over everything that has to do with the pumpkin! I simply adore the colour,it’s just puts me in the right mood!

Another AMAZINGLY warm,fuzzy and interesting thing that HALLOWEEN has is-its’s outdoors decoration.

Here are some amazing outdoors home Halloween inspo that i found for you guys !




This Halloween door decor with mixture of grey and orange is really comforting.I love everything about different pumpkin shapes and shades.Lovely thing is how cool grey and black are blending together with warm orange.


This warm color decoration is making me wanna cuddle and enjoy all the sweet temptations inside of my house with my family.It is just so “homy”!I have to try this! The lights are giving an extra kick to this decoration inspo.LOVE LOVE LOVE!


And for the end of this orange blog post i couldn’t resist not sharing some amaaaaazingly cute pics of our sweet pets in the HALLOWEEN mood !!! Just look at them!

I just can’t handle all this cuteness!Happy Halloween everyone!