When you are blonde-that means hairdresser every week!Let’s not lie-You HAVE to take EXTRA care of your hair.All my blondies-since you have rendez vous with your hairdresser on weekly basis-either for a blow dry or a dye-This post is for you!I found perfect solution for your cute little blonde hair!it is Paul Mitchel’s Awapuhi Wild Ginger therapy. OMG!I absolutely love it!

You have to do it every 40 days,hair is silky and smooth!It smells soooo perfect too!

I am so satisfied with it that i had to recommend it!Just find 1 hour and a half(cause that is how long it’s going to take)and you will have completely different hair!The hair repair treatment has 3 stages.First-your hairdresser is applying wild ginger shampoo,than a mask with the brush all over your hair from roots to ends .You are heating it for about 20 minutes.At the end you will apply the last layer of the mask after you washed the previous one.This really nurtures your hair deeply.

I tried it at the Alonistiotis hair saloon and i can calm down and not worry so much for at least 40 days!

If my hair looks good-than i can deal with anything!