natali thanou and aris karelas

mother and son

A short getaway

We all need a weekend off, away from the big city and nearest getaway was always beautiful Nafplio. Not even 2 hours away from Athens, Nafplio was always a charming idea in my mind if i wanted to change the scenery . Picturesque and seductive in any time of the year , i m just so happy to be here again!

nafplio old town

Scrolling trough the colourful streets of the Old Town i get so inspired and memories of my past visits come in flows. Every time is so different. This time- perfectly special-since i share this memory now with my son Aris, my biggest love in the Universe. He was so excited, it was his first time , was a little sponge, taking it all in.
natali thanou and aris karelas

mother and son

aris outside of the 3sixty hotel
The buildings have neoclassic architecture, meaning high ceilings, tall doors, vintage and aristocratic vibe . It is so romantic and inspiring .
aris karelas in the 3 sixty hotel Nafplio
“Aris Karelas at the “3sixty” hotel ,Nafplio

I was pleasantly surprised by the hotel we stayed in , it was in the centre of old town, big queen suite with the “castle “view , and yet – we did not hear anything noise from the outside. Romantic and peaceful . The hotel has it’s own wine bar in the lobby (my fav.thig ever – lol) so we spent nights drinking good red wine along with our dinner , and just laughing .
aris karelas

natali thanou

All black-everything

natali thanou
natali thanou in “isola clothing” and dolce & gabbana pants

I was in All black mood, loved my new black body and suit pants along with “celine”flats .Red or white wine , anyone??
natali thanou

natali thanou wearing “guess “blazer by “passedena” and “off white: eyewear

Great wine, refreshing walks, shopping , gourmet gastronomy ,historical buildings , perfect family time with my boys. I am boosted for the upcoming cold week in the city!
natali thanou, breakfast