It is a classic! What one girl wants more than having her castle and a crown? I know when we were small-  playing princesse was my favorite roll. I have a boy- but that doesn’ t mean that i loose my self in this magical world every time i attend friends b- day party with theme “ Princesse”.  Since i love to make things and decorate parties – i will show you some cool ideas on how you could decorate your a table for your little girls birthday.

Pink , yellow and purple flowers are “ must”, pink and white table sheets and cute napkins should be at the table.

Candy bar is stunning – and i think every birthday party should have it. In the “ Princesse themed” party you can have marshmellows in pink colour , lollypops , cupcakes are always good idea ! I always love butter bisquits with the theme glased all over!

I love this corn bread saussages – mmm yum- they are absolutely adorable- Every parties “ Must have” finger food!