I was that little girl that was often bringing homeless dogs home.Me and my sister brought this sweet ,not even 1 month old dog that later became a mom of our family member Grof who was following my father everywhere. Became our best friend,gave us enormous amour of joy, spent unforgettable 11 years in our home in Belgrade, than-shortly after my father died-he died. Many of them believe that he died from sadness. I believe that too.


It’s just how it is with “street cats and dogs” i just feel that they have more compassion and love to give.They feel grateful that you have adopted them.You “SAVED” them. Au contraire- they are saving you – and here is why.

This photo of Lilly is the very first one in our home.Before adopting Lilly ,as i said- i had series of cats and dogs that i have adopted over the years.Before Lilly-i had a male grey cat named Sisco.

But let’s talk about her now cause she is obviously my QUEEN ,and she looks and behaves as one.She changed our household, filled us with bursting love and joy,and makes us laugh every day.Talking about psycho-therapy!You don’t need one -if you adopt your future pet.

Cats take out the stress you have



It’s well known and proved that cats with their purring sound can calm you no matter how nervous you are.Basically the moment they are jumping in your lap-you feel relieved. What’s better than having warm ,sweet hairy ball in your lap? Nothing.


Cats are teaching your kids how to love


This is a fact-especially if you are an only child-like Aris.Before we adopt Lilly-Aris was scared of dogs, cats and everything that i moving.Adopting Lilly made him learn how to love and care for animals and that is so beautiful.His favourite thing is to comb her .Awwwww.


Cats are independent but so much loving in the same time


Amazing thing about cats is that you can leave them for few days and they will be perfectly fine.Most of them will hold a grudge for a while when you come back-but they will show you all that irresistible cat love almost immediately.




You won’t be needing meds, my dear.Adopt a cat and heal yourself naturally.Just think about it-every time when you wanna scream or cry – you see this pretty face in front of you-all that anger is going away.Not to mention if paws are performing massage!




I could talk for hours about how adopting a cat or a dog is transforming you as a human being, how will you evolve with the amount of love that you will give and receive-but the bottom line is-that you are doing A RIGHT THING. There are too many cats and dogs on the street helplessly searching for a warm place to stay-and instead of buying a dog or a cat-ADOPT ONE.That’s the only thing that make sense-right?