You know how it is- Every little boy wants to look like his dad ! So – for all you dads overthere – You better look extremely cool! Don’ t you want to look cool all times for your little one to remember you as “ the coolest dad ever”?

Here are some of my suggestions on what you should have this winter with you .

These are all from this amazing Danish brand Blue De Genes and they are all pretty adorable ! The knitwear sweater is gentle and in beautiful dark grey colour . Leather card holder is a must  ! As for the key chain-it is surely unique .

You have to see their “ look book”! It is really beautifully made!

The winter accesorize that  i absolutely adore is this black “ Leather glove bag” !! Omg! Isn’ t that one of the coolest bags you have seen lately! It is for me, for sure!

Smells like winter !!