Comfy comfy comfy! I neeeed to wear more of comfy stuff on daily basis!We all have crazy schedules and uncomfortable clothes is just a big NO NO!!

I discovered this fluffy amaaaazingly warm hoodie from “Freddy“!It’s not just pleasant to wear it has a stylish cut!It really complements woman’s body!Take a look!


The cut of this hoodie makes your waist thinner and the way it shapes you body gives the impression that you have real “curves”.Yes,girl!

I love this khaki colour i think it complements perfectly my blonde hair!LOVE LOVE LOVE!

I adore the fact that you don’t need to wear it only while being active(gym,running etc..)-You can easily style it with your jeans and wear it while having coffee with your girlfriends!

For the end-icouldn’t keep myself from posting another pic with my STUNNING wrUp Freddy trousers!Talking about an ultimate shaping effect!WOW!