It’s the most wonderful time of the year – and surely for all us who are feeling just so excited every morning all December i just want to pop up some new ideas that you might not thought of – Like making Christmas pizza party for your kids !!
It is super easy – and so much fun – you just need few things to create Christmas magic like :
Ingredients :
  1. Pilsbury pizza dough
  2. Marinara sauce for pizza
  3. Mozarella cheese
  4. Cookie cutter – Santa ‘s stockings

First of all – i didn’t have stockings cookie cutter – which made my creative Christmas morning more difficult – so i suggest that you make sure you have one !

It is peace of cake – You just need to roll out your Pillsbury pizza dough on a baking sheet and cut you sweet little Santa ‘ s socks . Prepare the oven on 180 degrees and put your pizza socks inside for 4 minutes . Take them out and put marinara sauce on them – Yay – thay are becoming read ! Don’t forget to have your kids helping you – they are looooving this ! Put your trimmed mozzarella on the upper part of the sock and put them back in the oven . Leave for about 10 minutes – and they are ready !

So much fun and taste in the same time ! Kids will go nuts over this ! Try this – now is the time !