Hey guys ! I am especially excited with this new post cause i will revile to you guys our ” Christmas crafty secrets ” on how to make a handmade Christmas cards ! Every year we are doing different designs ! This year we decided to do these little cuties ! Christmas is by far the most exciting period for all us – crafty mommies but most of all – for our kids !

So let’ s start with the ” Christmas Thees card ” ! We took the wooden coloured cardboard and 2 different green cardboards . We cutted the three from our green texture and we sewed  it into the cardboard . It is interesting !

2nd card is – “Cute snowman gift tags ” 

This Christmas gift tag was especially fun to make ! And super easy too ! Just let your creative spirit flows and draw snowmean , cut and glue his head on the wooden cardboard , draw his legs and finish up with your favourite nail polish – You can draw stars , snow or whatever your heart desires ! I m loving this !

3rd card is – “Funny Penguins”

This one was my sons favourite and more complex to make since you need more  stuff . First i draw and cut 3 pinquins . I have worked on a white cardboard and i have glued blue cardboard on it so it gives the feeling of ” ice ” . We placed penguins on the blue cardboard and than we draw snowballs , snow etc .. For the end we took cotton pads and glue them so we create snow !!! Awww – it smells Christmas and i am feeling like a child again ! It is so much fun !

4th one is ” Red gloves Christmas Card ” 

This is so cute ! And super easy ! We worked on a white cardboard . I have cut green texture and make a frame of it . I sed red texture paper and i have cut the shape of red gloves ! We glued them on the cardboard and draw cute ropes. Voila ! It is adorable !

I am having soooo much fun with all this !!! Do you ???