I am one moms who adores to make all kinds of crafts with my son РAnd now it is just perfect period to do all the list of amazing ideas i have for Christmas . I always wanted to make my sons footprint and handprint РThis was the perfect opportunity to make them and hang them on the tree ! It is super easy ! Here are the steps :

All ingredients you need is basically

  1. 2 Cups of flower
  2. 1 cup of sea salt !
  3. a bit of flukewarm water

Mix the ingredients well with your hands – until it is ready to be rolled the same way you are making cookies . Cut your salt dough in circles and make your babies fingerprint and handprint on them .

Bake them on 180  degrees until they are firm . Take the out from the oven and cool them on the baking sheet . When they are cooled Рyou can draw or just write joy-full Christmas wishes like i did . You can write each family members name on each handprint you did so you remember . At the end take the colorful ribbon and make your imagination work . you can do many different designs ! These are ours ..

I enjoyed so much making memories with these cute handprint ornaments ! This year is coming to an end and let ‘ s leave all the stress behind .. Make the best of the last days of December and just have FUN with the people you love . Go out , laugh , drink , dance .. do all the things that can lift your mood ! Cherish every minute , and don’t forget gratitude .

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays !!