My son is 4 , but i kept reading to him ever  since he was 3 month old , it is our little routine that i always adored . In these calming moments , not only i can wake up him imagination and take him to this magical world of fairytales – i could also transmit important messages about life . It is such an important thing to read to your kids and you should always have time for that . I ustu had him in my lap at the chair , read to him until he sleeps – but now i climb up to his bed ( Thanks God we fit ) and i just stay with him , we read ,laugh , tickle each other , and eventually sleep . Fairytales that he likes change every couple of months , but if he like s something , he wants me to read it every day for a month straight – maybe more .

When we were little girls we adores fairytales like – ” Little Mermaid ” , ” Cinderella ” and oh my god ofcourse “Beauty and the Beast ” ,  those are classics , that my son never specially preferred. When he was a baby he started loving ” Ugly ducking ” i dont know why , he just wanted me to read it again and again . The second one , kind of classic too – was ” The three little pigs and the wolf ” – is still one of his fav.s i think just because i am doing all these sounds when the wolf is blowing the houses , i am going in  kind of theatrical mode – and he looooves it . “Pinokio “, ” Hansel and Grentsel “are some  of the classic fairytale that he liked – not for long , even tho “Hanasel and Grentsel” is kind of scary for me too – so me i never prefered it as well ! “Snowwhite ” i think is one of the fairytale sall girl and boys do love the same , moms -we have to admit also – i am still excited to watch a movie ” Snowwhite ” – what can i do ? i am a hopeless romantic , i know .. ” i was pleasently surprised when he showed interest in the  the “Princesse and the pee”  just because when i was small i adored it . Those are some of the classics that i am sure you have read to your kids . Let me tell u know of some – not so famous fairytales that myt son goes crazy about every evening .

– ” Ben and Holly ” the little kingdom . It is a British animates tv series that became fairytale books as well . It is really cute , i love the animation , and i am suggesting to you guys to buy them . Since the animated series are not on the greek tv – we are watching in on apple tv . ” The Little dragon ” from the same author is really cool too .

“Rimming Rabbit ” is the bbok of the famous Julia Donaldson .The main concept of the book is a rabbit that has a passion for rhyme, but feels like an outcast when with the other rabbits in his family. The rabbit then leaves home to try and find a friend who does appreciate his talent. In the end this is accomplished but after some challenges. The book has really nice artwork inside , it is beautiful , try this also .

You wanna hear Something really interesting ? My son adores when i introduced to  “World Atlas ” to him . He wants it wvwey day – and i am thrilled about that . He is showing such a big passion of learning new continents , cities , cultures and traditions – and i can see myseld there cause my favorite subject in the school was geography . We have this huge map of the globe in his room and every day we are discovering new places . He is so excited about all the places he will travel . And he is just 4 ! What can i say – LIKE MOMMY LIKE SON !

This world atlas i bought is really interesting with amazing coverage , in every continent there is many small opening parts where you can find out even more details about places , and it is soooo amazingly done . It is from ” Usborn Publishing , “created by Sam Chandler and Kate Fern , in Greece published by “Psihologos ” . I warmly suggest this amazing book !

Have fun tell me which are the fairytales that your kids love the most ??

dream on !!!!