You can smell Christmas – it is just around the corner and ofcourse we are all thinking of all the winter coats , jumpers , boots we will wear- but most of all- what are we going to style it with. My “ holiday acessorize Crush” is this huge “ Super Dry” scarf that just screams “ Holidaaaay spirit”!! It is so fluffy, cozy, this beautiful beige color with pinches of dark chocolate , the sent of it is just perfect  ! It reminds me of snow! I adore it!

The greatest part of having scarfs like this is that you can style it with almost anything – since this peace is so strong and vibrant- takes any winter outfit on another level.  Except wearing it outdoors in your favorite winter gettaway- i love weating it indoors as well- next to the fireplace – styled only with tights, long socks and a t-shirt. So cozy and wintery. The Chrismas is alsmost here . I am so excited! How about you??