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Street style that you will love

"Street style" this year dominates!Everywhere you go-you will see literally everyone wearing sneakers ONLY!Sneakers combined with suits!I must say i love it. I always loved street style,comfortable and edgy-it's my thing! For my latest walk in Athens-i have chosen black bomber jacket and a shorts.Styled with my fave "Chanel bag".Classic;)! All these shades of black!...
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Autumn on the coast

"Autumn on the coast" are series of photos that i saw you liked it a lot on my instagram!I absolutely enjoyed making them.Perhaps i have a hidden talent in directing.(lol) It's a series of pictures at the same location-in this particular case-at the beach-followed by subtitling each picture depending on a mood.You can see more...
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Animal print-You know you love it!

It's an Animal print obsession-Period.Every major brand has put a small glimpse of animal print in their collections!Last year if they told you that you will be wearing snake leather over knee boots-what would you say?? Well,i do love it,i have to say.I always did,and back in 90's when i was just a little girl...
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