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natali thanou

Golden autumn vibes

Autumn vibes It's rainy outside. I just have put on some jazz music, i have lighted a candle that smells like sandalwood and i am drinking my coffee. I am so happy that the weather has finally changed- even though that is not something that i would used to say!  I was "tropical " queen,...
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My spring jewellery choice

My April jewellery choice. The spring is here and i want to recommend some different vibes as far as accessorise is concerned. Minimal black "Maison Cajaulet" maison canaulet I just love elegant pieces like this with thin chain and sophisticated black cut. It is perfect for any black outfit, goes with the dresses but also...
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Boredom in feathers

In the last period i have to say that i have been working a lot and that is why i wasn't writing a lot,but here you go!I will surprise you today with some beautiful images. This is one of my latest photoshootings-directed by me.I called it "Boredom in feathers". Take a small taste of it....
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Atypical eyewear shapes are in fashion

It's mid February and spring is just around the corner.This is the fact that makes me so excited!And,ofcourse i wanna try something unusual in my daily accessories approach. I love to experiment with eyewear shapes and even if some of them aren't the perfect match-i still love to wear all different kinds.Makes me excited! I...
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Wedding season is on! Are you ready?

Wedding season already started months ago for a proper bridezilla(lol),but for us-who are the quite opposite of that-starts with the 1st of March. The spring is here and it's the season of wedding,christening and all kinds of outdoor parties that we all love.For this blog post i prepared few cool wedding looks-If you are getting...
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