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Surrealistic instagram feed-refreshing or odd?

Applying surealism in our every day instagram posts would be refreshing or odd? If you ask me-i would love to see more of those interesting shapes and colours that trigger imagination. Being in quarantine for so long enhances my urge to create something not ordinary, either we talk about photography,writing either we talk about recipes…

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You already know that everything is energy and events that are happening in our lives-are an outcome of what we were thinking.Since Universe responds quickly-overthinking is the root of all your problems.Let's say you have an idea-that flash of inspiration that just came to you-If you don't start developing it in your head,writting it down...
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4 effective ways to boost your confidence

It's 1 st of September and sometimes we feel that "Summer is almost over" blues.That's perfectly natural-but in nowadays we don't have luxury of feeling down for a long period of time!And OFCOURSE we do not want that!I was always believer that everything is energy and that we can control anything in our lives by...
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