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4 of the worlds most breathtaking castles

Although we all know fairytales don’t exist-i still believe in them and i feel that there will always be something magical and intriguing about castles. Whether it is their incredible history, stunning architecture, they remain one of the top tourist destinations throughout the world. Here are four of the world’s most incredible castles. Swalow's nest...
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3 Favorite things about Arachova

"Arachova is Winter Mykonos  "- Those are the first words that i ever heard about Arachova when 2005 i was first time on my way to this energetic beautiful winter paradise . The first thing i have noticed was this high energy - really kind of similar to one in Mykonos . While Mykonos has island Delos from...
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3 things i love about Belgrade

Belgrade is my hometown and i can say - there is a dark charm to it . It has this Europian capital city energy - but also darkness - cause all the tricky times Belgrade lived through recent history .Three things that are characteristic for Belgrade : Interesting people .    Anywhere in the world...
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