Easter holidays came so soon and we,parents,feel the excitement even more ’cause of having small children to remind us. I have to say,before i became a mom-i wasn’t at all into making all sorts of crafts as i do now for Easter.Now,it is one of my favourite holidays-and all ’cause i can paint eggs,make baskets and generally-i have freedom to be crafty! 

This time i want to guide you on how to make this adorable Easter Bunny and Ice cream eggs.


You have to admit-this decor looks absolutely beautiful. The only thing you need is imagination and some paint!

You will need:

  • 5 eggs
  • paint (liquid)
  • brushes
  • black pencil
  • sheet to work on

Everything in my life is more fun-if i do it with Aris.He is the light of my life and makes everything super fun.I adore to involve him in everything i make-it is just more amusing!

Here it is how we made the ICE CREAM CONE Easter Egg:

Dye the upper part of an egg in turquoise or pink colour depends if you want your egg to look like a pistachio or strawberry ice cream.Draw the cone lines at the down part of an egg. Later on you will add eyes and a lips so your cone becomes a character!

Easter Bunny Egg decor:

Dye the upper part ofd an egg in white or light beige color.Dye the down part in blue.Take your thin black pencil and dye buttons to create cute little suit! Like this:


Finish your egg by adding cute nose and eyes.We made our bunnies like they are sleeping.They are too adorable!

So much cuteness-i can’t handle! I am in love with them.I don’t want to break them!(lol)

My son is adoring them too! This is too much fun..

I hope you girls felt inspired with this post! Send me your ideas!

Happy Easter All!