“Autumn on the coast” are series of photos that i saw you liked it a lot on my instagram!I absolutely enjoyed making them.Perhaps i have a hidden talent in directing.(lol)

It’s a series of pictures at the same location-in this particular case-at the beach-followed by subtitling each picture depending on a mood.You can see more of them here!

For my today’s blog post-i will upload the original pictures-and i will leave you guys to think about captions..


You already feel that animal print is everywhere.Well-i am obsessing over this blouse..Blends perfectly with the wooden surrounding.I love spending these autumn days at the empty beach.It is inspiring.

I love just sitting by the waves and meditating.We should remind ourselves how important is the power of our thoughts-and with meditation-we can guide them.

Blue skies and boho design inspired me to create these “Autumn on the coast” series.Tell me how much you love them?