Golden sand in my eyes,mouth and hair.In one point i am wondering why did we take this open old Wrangler Jeep to go to Ftelia-since we know it’s almost all the time windy.But as we approach my doubt quickly turns into enormous excitement!This bohemian electric but yet so refined place makes me adore Mykonos even more.Alemàgou-innovating and rousing in every way.

Rough yet so refined-Alemàgou gives you completely different experience.Raw desert-hippie vibes mixed with elegance sets me in the right mood.This is the place i visit every time in visit Mykonos.Perfect gourmet Mediterranean cuisine combined with the sounds of the worlds best deep house dj’s is just something you can’t miss.

(Sea urchin spaghetti)

The setting is absolutely dreamy.This place is perfect for late afternoon simply cause the sunsets are unbelievable.You can see really beautiful crowd from all over the world dancing while sun is setting.This place has that unique island roughness mixed with cosmopolitan vibe.I am in love.

The level of excitement is rising as the sunset is ending.Now everyone is like one big company.You can see smiley,different,friendly faces around you.I love dancing for hours with a really good quality of deep house sounds.The place is magical.


(my after-dance blurred “Alemagou selfie)

Boho heaven,as you have landed suddenly in Mexico.That’s the feeling.Alemàgou simply amazes with it’s rough charm.