Living by the sea is like an endless vacation,dream life or just a easy going healthy lifestyle?Certainly is something that most of the people long for.Here is why your next house should be by the sea!


Life by the sea gives you more quality time with your family.Your kids will grow up having amazing memories where you spend long days at the beach,bonding and giving that special time to each-other.Certanly-Time goes by more slowly and your days are filled with bunch of interesting things to do at the beach.Kids are happier-in all senses.



Obviously if you live by the sea-you will automatically go more often to the beach-and that means long walks and much more hours of swimming.For me-swimming is type of exercise that i love the most-just because it makes the most beautiful-long muscles.If you manage to swim during the winter-that is winning for your body-in the long run!You will have a smashing body till you get old!Not to mention that your health will be much better.I am swimming from April to November but this winter i wanna do it all the way!


Taking long walks in the nature by the sea is an absolute inspiration.If you need to get inspired for your art or if you just need to come up with a good idea for your business-walks by the sea are must.I take these walks on daily basis and they help me clear my mind from non-creative thoughts.I absolutely wouldn’t know what would i do if i lived anywhere else.You can breathe more easily over-here.The air is fresher and more light!(it seams)


If you have a house by the sea-you will have more casual style in general.Since more than 6 months you can go to the beach-you will basically have a beach style for many months.I adore beach styles and i am dreaming of the summer that lasts forever..



Like in the movies-where you see these sun kissed,beautiful blonde kids running happily on the beach-that is actually a reality if you decide to live next to the beach.Kids adore the sea and their childhood is much more happier.They are connected with the nature and that means later on-they will more easily get connected with their own feelings.You will often have a chance to make them ecstatically happy and that is the whole point,right?Priceless.


Even more inspiring.Sunsets!Is there anything more romantic than watching the sky changing colours and the sun stunningly going into the water-every single day?Romantic and so precious,sunsets are inspiring.You will have so many moments like this-dinners with your family with the view or just late afternoon walks with the favourite waffle ice-cream.How amazing is all this?