1. Tropical Theme: A tropical theme is a no-brainer . Add mini pineapples to your tablescape and a few painted balloons above to make your space festive and fun. The color scheme is simple yet , bringing greenery, pink and (of course) gilded accents to highlight elements of nature.

2. Ice Cream Theme: Spring is the perfect excuse to turn any bash into an ice cream sundae party. Fill vases with ice cream cone cookies like these to use as centerpieces, and turn your island into a make-your-own-sundae bar. Pat yourself on the back, because you just created a shower that’s 100% fit for your BFF’s sweet tooth.

3. Tea Party Theme: This outdoor tea party is presentation GOALS. Hang jumbo balloons and streamers from the trees and deck out your tablescape with bouquets of flowers to create the prettiest tea party your guests will ever attend.

4.Sweet as Can Bee Theme: Honey, this theme is about as sweet as it gets. Get the look with a yellow tablecloth and flowers, and then, finish it off with accents of bumble bees and honey. Too Cute.

5.Little star theme : Your Little star is about to be born a and you are all glowing ! Twinkle Twinkle ! Is there anything better than this ? Star shaped cookies and glits all over for  your baby shower – Stunning and amusing in the same time ! Try it !