I am in the faze now where i work out a lot-but somehow i end up drinking double latte at the end!That’s a”NO NO”if we want to achieve our best summer body!Let me recommend some of guilt free coffees that we can drink while on diet:


Espresso is perfectly fine-as long as it is without sugar and milk .Strong and tasty choice.I love it.




Greek coffee is always a good choice while we are on diet-but it is very important to know how to make a good one.




Black filter coffee is easy to drink.You can add a pinch of stevia-but it will probably change the taste of your coffee.





Telling you the truth-i can’t wait for the warmer weather so i can start drinking freddo espresso.It is y fav.choice.No more”skinny lattes” girls if you want to get serious (that is note to myself;);lol)since there is nothing skinny about a cup of milk even if it is “light! 230 calories in one cup-dont you want to eat a slice of pizza instead?