Dreamy,inspiring and picturesque-lake houses are endless source of harmony and peace, just idyllic place to make the most alluring memories with your family.One of these beautiful houses could easily be my dream home.Perfect place for creating any peace of art.

On the first picture is this charming house that is at the Washington lake.

The design called for paired down traditional elements, such as eaves without overhangs, which include an integrated gutter system, a minimalist detail with a lot of painstaking construction behind it. On the other hand, the entry hall features two strictly modern elements: a tall, textured steel door and a dramatic floating staircase.

The crisp interior demanded the precise installation and detailing of wide plank oak flooring, wood trim and ceiling beams, and hand-plastered walls.

The second one i found for you is this cute little cottage at the Georgia lake . Divine porch ,everything about this house calms me .

I really enjoyed researching about this blog post,i found “all new” passion for lake houses i didn’t know i had.Even if i am lucky enough to live by the sea- i am daydreaming about getting old with my family in one of these blissful places.