OMG ! Is this my favourite subject or what ?(lol) It is surely one of the fav. subjects that we girls love to talk about ! I always say – you could wear the most simple outfit – but if you have an awesome handbag with you – you are lifting your look on another level . Girls and bags – that is a love story ! In this post – i will tell you mine …

1st MUST HAVE handbag is

CHANNEL classic black ! Classic choice ! would say that this particular bag is more evening bag . I wear it also in my casual look , it has a nice contrast to it . I love black channel simply cause it is elegant and classic .

2nd MUST HAVE handbag is

YELLOW BIRKIN BAG ! Omg ! this bag really puts me in the positive mood! The size of the bag is just perfect , you can fit all the things you usually need during your day – but still – this colour – is – Oh so tempting! I know some of you would say that is really difficult to match – but with all black style it is just perfect . I love the way that Kendall Jenner wore it .

3rd MUST HAVE handbag is

Orange HERMES bag

i Love this bag cause i simply adore this ” hermes orange ” color , it is warm , and it could be worn  with warm earth colors as well with the black .Nude suits this bag also 1 It’ s a MUST girls !!

4th MUST HAVE handbag is


My absolute fav. bag ! I am wearing it from the morning until late night – it is soooo handy ! The shape is absolute perfection of elegance ! Watch the way Angelina Jolie has worn it !

Those are my ” must haves ” but i have to be honest – the list could be muuuuuch longer … What can i say – as almost every woman on this planet – i have a passion with bags …