It’s 1 st of September and sometimes we feel that “Summer is almost over” blues.That’s perfectly natural-but in nowadays we don’t have luxury of feeling down for a long period of time!And OFCOURSE we do not want that!I was always believer that everything is energy and that we can control anything in our lives by the power of thought!In this blog post i want to write a small reminder to what you already know-but sometimes you just forget!

The power of autosuggestion


Enormously important practice for your mental well being!If you repeat one idea about what would you love to happen or just an idea about yourself-the way you wanna become-gives you multiple chances to actually succeed.Everything is energy-and the way you vibrate will attract events in your life.Be disciplined at least 10 minutes a day and repeat beautiful things about yourself-how creative you are,lucky you are,hansome you are..



I love to read books-especially on themes how to evolve mentally.This book is easy to read-i have read it multiple times in the past and every time i read it-i find out something new.This”reminder”gives me a big boost!Napoleon Hill,amazing writer from past century knew all the secrets to success.Don’t you think it’s time for you to explore them?



For all you who do not know yet-Vision boards are important step in your success story!You have this big ideas of how you want your life to look-you might as well put it on a board so you see it more clearly!Perfect reminder on daily basis of what you want to achieve.I will reveal a small secret!!!Almost every part from my past vision boards came true! So i am 100% believer that this method works!


It is very important for you to have that “time alone “without distractions-so you can concentrate on what you really want!Also-try to meditate before you go to bed at night-and you will see the difference.I found this amazing App on IPhone called “Calm” which helps you diving in to meditation if it is a bit more difficult for you to relax.