We all know how important the breakfast is for your health.Usually they say it is the most important meal of the day and i absolutely agree.I already wrote about my favourite breakfast recipe,and that is oat meal with soya milk.I simply adore it.Let’s talk about foods for breakfast that you need to avoid:

Bacon and processed meats


It is by far the worst thing that you can choose to start your day

The majority of these meats are high in sodium and saturated fat.

In addition,  they’re hard for your digestive system to process, thus leaving you feeling tired and heavy. That’s not a pleasant feeling when you have a busy day ahead of you.


Pancakes with maple syrup


I know it is beyond delicious-but if you are planing on living healthy and have a strong body-pancakes are “NO NO”!

Pancake batter is high in refined flour and has a lot of sugar, which makes you feel lethargic a few hours after eating it.

  • If you don’t like the idea of eliminating it completely from your life, substitute the white flour for oat flour.
  • As for the sweetener, try sweetening it by adding fruit to the batter.


Croissants and cakes


Delishh-but not healthy at all!If you want to have a beach bod to envy-cut the croissants-unfortunately!


Boxed cereals

it might sound weird-but this is the foods that you should actually avoid!

The problem is that they make you feel heavy and sleepy, which is why you would do well to avoid having them for breakfast.

These products are high in sugar, artificial colors, and artificial flavors. As we’ve already seen with the juices, this mix is not good for your morning at all.

When we combine these cereals with animal milk, we get a terrible start to the day.You can replace it with a natural oat bars and an oatmeal!


Perfect morning breakfast except for the oatmeal is egg whites omelette and you can see my recipe here!