We all have at least 5 to 10 “Zara” clothing pieces and i have to say-sometimes you can bump into something SOOO awesome-that can literally rise your mood to the highest heights! One of those is this “Zara” denim jacket with contrasting sleeves.It was “Love at first sight”.Zara is some kind of therapy for us women,it is always there,near you,just around the corner..when you come inside of the store-you leave everything that you stressed about outside..It is strange what the”changing room”vibes can do to you..especially if you try on 10 pieces..You will go out with at least two..and pretty satisfied.

This winter season i loved their denim jackets.I found for you guys 3 hype denim jackets that are still available online“Zara USA” you can go on this link.

They are simple,casual and suitable for any occasion.I absolutely love them.

Take a look !

Studded denim jacket

This studded denim jacket looks perfect paired with pair of blue jeans.Details with the buttons gives you a vibe of a USA country music singer but in a cool way!And it is only 39,99 euros !

Simple Denim

Simple denim casual jacket is a “must” in your closet.Choose this one-it is really cute and affordable!

Denim jacket with contrasting sleeves




i am loving this jacket just because there is so many details and different materials on it that makes it look really youthful and fun.Which one do you prefer ?