Writing was my passion since i was a little girl.I probably have 1.000 of notebooks filled with my thoughts and poetry.Now,with this new project i am doing-MY BLOGi found the best way to exprss my self when i am inspired,and to inspire others.I find this pretty amazing!

What are the 3 things i need so i write a good performing-inspirating blog ?

     1.Quiet space

I am one of those bloggers who can not write easily while my kid is pulling my hair and screaming(even tho- i wrote many blogs like this!!!)LOL. I need my Mac and peace,mostly i write in the morning when i have already took my son to kindergarden-and i am more concentrated.

    2.Big cup of coffee

Can’t live without.You know that already. Cup or two.


The best app that’s made ever.What would we do without it ?My favourite thing IN THE WORLD is to create stuff and pin them later on.Ofcourse i feel inspired while scrolling trough Pinterest.



Well this was quick! Sometimes i love short blogs-bit on point ! Do you ?