Belgrade is my hometown and i can say – there is a dark charm to it . It has this Europian capital city energy – but also darkness – cause all the tricky times Belgrade lived through recent history .Three things that are characteristic for Belgrade :
  1. Interesting people .    Anywhere in the world if you ask – they will say that they probably had one or two interesting experiences with people from Serbia . We are  not ” ordinary ” in any form . I would say Serbian people – except for the fact that they are very proud – they are very intelligent and artistic . Not to mention the fact about Serbian women .. Oh , you know very well ..
  2. Stunning places for lunching and dinning !   Fantastic places ! wow ! I haven’ t been a year -and  Belgrade just blossomed with new cosy , interesting small and big restaurants , cafes , concept stores and clubs . What is so fantastic is that there are everything for everyone .. My favourite places are in ” Beton Hala” , and some more hidden small places in Dorcol and Vracar . They really pay attention to good quality music and atmosphere filled with different art each .
  3. Kosutnjak  . It is a forest in the city . A huge forest totally different in the winter – white from snow with no leafs -and so stunningly green and rich in spring .

You should for sure visit Belgrade .. Sooo  much more to see . I will write more about my favourite European destinations in my next blog posts . I am feeling nostalgic already ..