This post is for all us “Big city girls” that know the true importance of a small car.There is nothing more important than making your drive trough the city more comfortable and enjoyable.That’s why deciding which small city car to choose is a big deal.In my,not so long driving”career”i tried many small cars and i want to suggest to you the most adorable ones.

Come with me and let me help you choose the Mr.Right!Your new”small friend” that will make your days more amusing.


Adorable.This is by far one of the most comfortable small cars i have tried!The space in front is so perfectly made that even if you are 183 cm tall as i am(pretty tall-you would say)you don’t have ANY space problem!You almost don’t feel like you are driving in a small car!Not to mention it’s adorable looks!It is super cute and compact as well!By “compact” i mean-you almost don’t hear ANYTHING from the outside world.Almost like you are driving a Range Rover(lol).

It’s made in the most interesting colours and i really can not decide which one i prefer.Steering wheel of the car has the nicest and the most reactive feeling of all cars i have tried in this category.Plus-it is absolutely charming and soft.

The other thing that i adore about this car is how easy it is to connect your music via bluetooth!This might be the most important thing for us girls when we decide to buy a car(TRUE FACT)!There is nothing more pleasurable than entering your car and having your phone immediately synced playing your fav.songs!Plus-the car is making playlists on it’s own!I am in love with this car!It is my new french friend that i can’t live without!(lol)

TESLA(model s)

Not actually the smallest car-but the fact that it is electric-made me write about it!I am highly sensitive in environmental issues and i believe we should all start investing in this type of cars-even though the price is a bit higher than other small cars.I have to be honest i haven’t tried this one but i did a bit of a research and i find it amazing.It has remarkable reviews (9.8)and it’s safety reviews are on the highest scale as well.

BMW i3


This charming bmw is close to perfection.Really fast and extremely beautiful interior.It looks a bit bigger than a smart but it doesn’t look like Smart at all!All 5 doors that is important for all us moms.I3 has this super luxury feeling when you enter,new technology on it’s highest!Come on-just look at this!


Well this was my first article about cars from “female point of view”!As mom and a woman driving in a crowded annoying traffic i certainly know what can lift my mood up!And these little fellas can surely do that!