All my family and friends know that i am big fan of the nature , and very sensitive on environmental issues . I am ” outdoorsy ” person in all its senses . Since i was a little girl – i always wanted to explore the nature , and everywhere i went i had this strong need – almost an obsession  to explore every small peace of the place i went to . I wanted to ” seize ” the day .. I am still that little girl inside – with the same passion . Now , hiking is the easiest way to enjoy all the glory that this beautiful planet has to offer .

1st reason why i adore hiking :

– Reconnecting with yourself in the nature i think is one of the most important things that  hiking has to offer . This ” alone time ” is a MUST , it is all you need to take out all possible negativity you have , and see the life from a different perspective . Hiking is in many ways therapeutic .

 2 nd reason why i love hiking –

— Exercise !!! Beautiful body ! Million times better than going to the gym . Hiking outdoor is much more effective than a treadmill . We all know the kick that being active give us ! Burning calories in the most beautiful way – while in nature .

3rd reason why i love hiking :

— Traveling with Music !!!!  Handsfree in your hands and you are outta here ! Not only that music will help you to hike longer –  you will have time  to enjoy some your fav . tracks that you have downloaded but didn’t have time to actually enjoy them . It will INSPIRE you , thats for sure . Every time i need inspiration in whatever i do , make or write – i take this long hikes in my beautiful neighbourhood and inspiration comes easily !!

Take a hike !!!!! And discover more interesting things that this life has to offer. Motivate yourself !

Tell me your reasons why you love hiking !! I am waiting !!!!

Kisses guys !!!!