Being new in blogging world-i love researching about similar blogs to see their point of view and their aesthetics.As a mom blogger-i am always on Pinterest and of-course Instagram!Every day i discover at least one inspiring blogger.There is so many creative people around the world and that makes me so happy!Three of them are this amazing mommy bloggers that i want to write about today!They are obviously talented working moms with amazing style and elegance!They caught my attention with their natural and effortless way of working.The pictures are alive and stunningly well edited. Take a look.



Amber Fillerup Clark  (“Barefoot blonde”)

This stunning mom gets me inspired every time i see her post!You can’t help by notice her big hair always “on fleek”!She is from USA,Arizona,she has 2 adorable kids-and third on the way!Looking fit and gorgeous,always smiley-she makes pictures that surely have an amazing impact!Maybe that’s why she has 1.3 million followers on instagram.Her blog is really beautifully done, it is “Barefoot blonde hair” and she is selling hair extensions.





“Hello fashion blog” and Christine Andrew are one of the blogs i really love!She is a dynamic mom of three and lives in Montana,USA.A founder of “Hello Fashion” she writes about family,style and interior design.Christine has this “approachable girl next door looks”looks but with a lot of style!She also makes very cute pictures with her husband Cody which makes me furious why my husband never wants to take pictures!(LOL)!








A former fashion model,Viktoria lives in Munich with her husband, two young sons and the family French bull dog, Tiffany, while traveling the world on a regular basis.I love her edginess!Take a look at her blog!