“Arachova is Winter Mykonos  “- Those are the first words that i ever heard about Arachova when 2005 i was first time on my way to this energetic beautiful winter paradise . The first thing i have noticed was this high energy – really kind of similar to one in Mykonos . While Mykonos has island Delos from where all this ‘ love ” energy comes from – Arachova has Delphi . Delphi is a beautiful ancient temple where all mystic events  were happening in ancient history , The view is absolutely stunning and that’ s why my first fav. thing about Arachova is

-Delphi ! What an amazing place . Stunning energy , beautiful tall trees and breathtaking view . I adore long hikes – just breathing the air and feeling the vibes from this ” high “energetic place . It is an ancient ” temple of Apolo” , famous cause the ” oracle “once  lived there . Beautiful and mysterious as well .


My second fav. thing about Arachova is restaurant


_”Panagiota Plus “! Beautiful upscale winter atmosphere , with rock  and wood , pleasent music , and the most important really tasty gourmet food . Amazing “tartare ” great wines and vibrant atmosphere are simply how i can describe the place . After the perfect choices of deserts – the music gets louder and the people start dancing , and of course having interesting shots as well so it can keep their temperature high while having really low temperatures outside . I am loving this place and i am highly recommending it !

 My Third fav . thing about Arachova is

-Formaella Cheese !

Cheesy , salty , tasty , fried … What can i say – simply delicious ! Anyone who passed by Arachova knows what i am talking about – and for the ones who didn’t – What are you waiting for ???