What do you think why am i writing this post ?? I just had my B- daaaaaaaaaaay!!!! I want to thank you all out-there for your uplifting wishes !

Now , i am kind of girl that is melting with a card,a  poem .. and every small thing can make me cry ..:)(:.. But if i could choose 3 things that i am sure that every girl dreams about Рthese are :

  • Roses . Pink roses are surely one of the birthday gifts every girl wants .. They are just so beautiful !

  • Iphone 8 PLUS ! Can’t live without … Now more than ever since i started blogging .. Good phone with good camera is every girls dream !! I love Plus – ‘ cause i am not using my i pad anymore – and plus size makes everything easier ..

  • Flight tickets for NYC !!! Yaaaaaas !! I am going a bit over the top with this one – but i know – if you want to impress your girlfriend at the highest scale – just do this – trust me !

Now , guess which one of these 3 gifts i had for my b – day this year ?