Morning affirmations are genuinely important for the outcome of our productive and joyful day.I am a person who works-lives-believes only guided by the energy that i am emiting.By now,most of us knows that everything is energy and the most important thing is to learn how to lift it.

Here are some of my morning affirmations that i do when i wake up:


11 morning affirmations:

1.Today i align myself  with freedom,growth and joy.

2.I align my self with pure positive energy today.

3.I release all the resistance of the past and move to fun-loving future.

4.I am at vibrational frequency of everything i desire.

5.The entire universe is assisting me to feel good.

6.Life is good.It’s a beautiful day.

7.Universe is loving me and taking care of me.

9.I radiate kindness and everyone around me response to that.

10.I feel the connection with the source within.

11.With clarity of mind I feel abundance and worthiness coming through


Enjoy every minute.

With love,